Ageh Yeh Rooz

 The song "Ageh Yeh Rooz" (If One Day)  is undoubtedly the most performed song in Persian Pop music. The song is a staple of Persian parties, and has proudly withstood the test of time.

It is a true classic, and a timeless piece of music that new people around the world are discovering every day, even being aired on MSNBC's Today Show with Matt Lauer. Here are some of the performances from the fans of Faramarz Aslani around the world.

Darvish Jo - USA

Ajda Pekkan - Turkey

Deniz Seki - Turkey

Ajda Pekkan - Dile Kolay 1979

Renate - Norway

Banooy Sharghee - Canada

Street Vendor - Thailand

Saadat Abad Street - Tehran

Roodbaraak - Iran

Renate Moen - Del Asireh

Cousins - Catalina

Yalda Night 2009 at TU Delft, Netherlands

Dile Kolay - Turkey

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